Early Voting has Started - Vote Today!

Early voting has started, and I’m asking for your vote. You can vote from 8 AM - 5 PM this week at any polling location in Dallas County. This will be a very low turnout election, so please be sure to let your friends, neighbors, and coworkers know that there is an election. Nearly everyone in Coppell, Carrollton, Farmers Branch, North Irving, Park Cities, and Dallas (west of Central Expressway) is able to vote in this race.

Early Voting Locations

Coppell Town Center 255 Parkway Blvd Coppell
Vonita White Admin Building 200 S. Denton Tap Road Coppell
Josey Ranch Library 1700 Keller Springs Carrollton
Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD Admin Building 1445 N. Perry Carrollton
Carrollton Public Library 4220 N. Josey Lane Carrollton
Farmers Branch City Hall 13000 William Dodson Parkway Farmers Branch
Irving Arts Center 3333 N. MacArthur Blvd Irving
Irving City Hall 825 W. Irving Blvd Irving
Valley Ranch Library 401 Cimarron Trail Irving
Our Redeemer Lutheran Church 7611 Park Lane Dallas
Marsh Lane Baptist Church 10716 Marsh Lane Dallas


Hon. Tincy Miller - State Board of Education

Hon. Rodney Anderson - Texas State Representative
Hon. Morgan Meyer - Texas State Representative
Hon. Matt Rinaldi - Texas State Representative
Hon. Kenneth Sheets - Texas State Representative

Hon. Dr. Paul Freeman - Dallas County Schools Board of Trustees, Vice President

Hon. Bob Phelps - Mayor of Farmers Branch
Hon. Bill Glancy - Former Mayor of Farmers Branch

Hon. Brad LaMorgese - Irving City Councilman
Hon. Oscar Ward - Irving City Councilman
Hon. Joyce Howard Pittman - Former Irving City Councilwoman
Hon. Steven Jones - Irving ISD Board of Trustee, Vice President

Hon. Anthony Wilder - Carrollton City Councilman

Hon. Maurine Dickey - Former Dallas County Commissioner

Hon. Ron Natinsky - Former Dallas City Councilman

Hon. Randy Dunning - Former Garland Mayor Pro Tem

Hon. Nathan Miller - Riverside Community College District Board of Trustees, Vice President

Do you live in the district?

You can look up your voter registration here, then select "View Sample Ballot" to verify whether you live in the district. If you live in the green area below, you are eligible to vote in this race, and I hope to have your vote!


Why I'm running for the DCCCD Board of Trustees

I’m running for the Dallas County Community College District Board of Trustees because I’m passionate about education and helping our Dallas County residents learn the skills they need to get jobs. As a product of the DCCCD system, I treasure the community college district, and as a taxpayer in District 2 with experience working in higher education, I want to see our tax dollars allocated wisely by a fiscally responsible board.

I believe that the greatest challenge which needs to be addressed by the district is our low completion rates. We have wonderful programs where students earning an associate degree or certification can earn an entry level salary of $60,000 or more, yet less than 10% of our students earn any credential from DCCCD within six years. Most of our Dallas County jobs require short-term training or a certification which can be earned at community college, so our success in this area directly impacts our North Texas economy. 

My approach to improving our completion rate includes the following:

  • Ensure that DCCCD provides adequate and effective remediation to the 50% of first-time students who are not college ready
  • Reverse the decline in full-time enrollment, since full-time students are much more likely to complete
  • Offer block scheduling, as supported by Governor Abbott and the Texas Legislature in the 84th session, and structure our programs to allow students to more easily balance work with school, since most of our students work part-time or full-time while attending community college
  • Promote a culture of transparency at DCCCD, which will empower students to make informed decisions regarding their field of study and employment prospects post-graduation, as well as providing taxpayers with a clear and comprehensive picture of the district’s results
  • Embrace competency-based education so that students can receive college credit for what they know, such as skills acquired through work experience, rather than simply what they’ve learned in a traditional classroom setting
  • Utilize open educational resources and Massive Online Open Courses to reduce costs for our current students and provide an education to the one million Dallas County residents without a college degree who are currently unserved by the district, without the enormous resources that would be required for a traditional classroom experience

I am the only candidate in this race who regularly attended DCCCD board meetings before filing to run for the board of trustees. In fact, I’ve been attending board meetings for nearly a year and a half, and it’s this insight which will allow me to be productive on day one. In addition, I am the only candidate in this race who has experienced DCCCD recently as a student ten years ago and has worked on staff in higher education.

I have pledged that I will vote against raising your taxes, and I will vote against raising tuition on our students unless offset by greater reductions in other student costs such as textbook costs. I am confident I can make this pledge, because the district has already doubled your taxes over the last decade and has raised tuition by 45% in the last six years alone. Today, less than 40% of our $560 million budget goes to instruction, and the key issues I’ve identified above do not require an increase in financial resources to address but simply proper allocation of our existing resources.

I am humbly asking for your vote to serve as your next DCCCD Trustee. If you have any further questions or would like additional information, please don't hesitate to call me at 214-562-3604.

Republican State Representatives Endorse Richard Morgan for DCCCD Trustee

Dallas, TX -- Today, Richard Morgan announced the endorsements of State Representatives Matt Rinaldi, Rodney Anderson, and Kenneth Sheets in his candidacy for the Dallas County Community College District Board of Trustees in District 2.

State Representative Matt Rinaldi, HD-115, whose district includes Brookhaven College and nearly half of DCCCD District 2, made the following statement in support of Richard:

“Richard is committed to increasing fiscal responsibility, transparency, and accountability in our local government. Dallas County students, parents, and taxpayers need a strong advocate on the DCCCD Board of Trustees, and Richard is the clear choice for the job.”

State Representative Rodney Anderson, HD-105, who represents portions of DCCCD District 2 in Irving including North Lake College added, “For too long, local positions such as the Dallas County Community College District Board of Trustees have been overlooked by Dallas County voters. Richard will work to ensure that DCCCD remains affordable and provides students with the skills needed to be successful in today’s workforce."

State Representative Kenneth Sheets, HD-107, whose district includes Eastfield Community College added, "As a former student at both Eastfield and El Centro College, Richard has a keen understanding of the top priorities and needs of today's students. I'm proud to support him, and I look forward to seeing him advocate for high quality education and affordability for the students of the Dallas County Community College District." 

Morgan thanked Representatives Rinaldi, Anderson, and Sheets for their endorsements saying, “Our Dallas County State Representatives have been a strong and effective voice for fiscal responsibility in Austin, and I’m honored to have their support of my efforts to keep the Dallas County Community College District affordable for students and taxpayers."

Richard Morgan is running for the Dallas County Community College District Board of Trustees in District 2, which includes Coppell, Carrollton, Farmers Branch, North Irving, Preston Hollow, Park Cities, Uptown, and downtown Dallas. As a former DCCCD student and a taxpayer in District 2, Richard is committed to keeping DCCCD strong without increasing the burden to Dallas County taxpayers or students. To support Richard for DCCCD Trustee, please endorse Richard or sign up to volunteer.

Dallas County Republican Party Leaders endorse Richard Morgan for DCCCD Trustee

Today Richard Morgan announced endorsements from Dallas County Republican Party leadership for his bid for DCCCD Trustee, including Chairman Wade Emmert, Vice Chairman Elizabeth Bingham, and SD-16 SREC Committeeman Randy Dunning and Committeewoman Virginia Prodan. He also announced endorsements from five Dallas County Republican Party Committee Chairmen and over 40 precinct chairmen.

Dallas County Republican Party Chairman Wade Emmert said of Morgan, "Richard has been one of the most active young leaders in the Republican Party, both in Dallas County and across the state. He has proven himself to be a principled conservative leader, and his technology expertise and insight as a former student of DCCCD will make him a valuable addition to the Board of Trustees."

“Richard is a passionate and hard-working conservative leader,” said Randy Dunning, SREC Committeeman and former Mayor Pro Tem of Garland. “He will be a principled voice for fiscal responsibility, transparency, and accountability on the DCCCD Board of Trustees."

Richard responded to the endorsements by saying, “It has been my pleasure to work alongside so many Republican leaders in Dallas County, and I am humbled by their support of my campaign for DCCCD Trustee."

Over 40 current and former Republican Party Precinct Chairs from Dallas County and neighboring counties joined in endorsing Richard Morgan for DCCCD Trustee. The Republican Party leaders endorsing Richard include the following:

Dallas County Republican Party Leaders (and nearby counties)

Chairman Wade Emmert

Vice Chairman Elizabeth Bingham

SD-16 SREC Committeeman Randy Dunning

SD-16 SREC Committeewoman Virginia Prodan

Malachi Boyuls - Finance Committee Vice Chairman

Michael Paulk - College Engagement Chairman

Jane Howell - Events Chairman

Colby Smith - Grassroots Chairman

Jonathan Boos - Resolutions Committee Chairman

Jennifer Burr - Voter Registration Chairman

Bonnie Wells - Former Secretary

Brandon Moore - Vice Chairman (Tarrant County Republican Party)

Kyle Jackson - Treasurer (Tarrant County Republican Party)

Rohit Joy - Chairman (Contra Costa County Republican Party)

Chad Averett - Precinct Chair

Casey Bingham - Precinct Chair

Jonathan Boos - Precinct Chair

Thomas Burrows - Precinct Chair

William Busby - Precinct Chair (Tarrant County)

Andrea Coker - Precinct Chair

Samantha Cotton - Precinct Chair

Kevin Curley - Precinct Chair

Ken Emanuelson - Precinct Chair

Cecile Fernandez - Precinct Chair

Chris Ford - Precinct Chair

Paul Hoffman - Precinct Chair

Kyle Jackson - Precinct Chair

Harold Jenkins - Precinct Chair

Jeff Keech - Precinct Chair

Azim Kulov - Precinct Chair

Emmanuel Lewis - Precinct Chair

Brian Marks - Precinct Chair

Chris McNutt - Precinct Chair

Cameron McVay - Precinct Chair

James Moyers - Precinct Chair

Sarah Nguyen - Precinct Chair (Tarrant County)

Tom Nowak - Precinct Chair

Rudy Oeftering - Precinct Chair

Matthew Patrick - Precinct Chair

Kelly Paulsen - Precinct Chair

Delores Pell - Precinct Chair (Tarrant County)

Steven Rayshell - Precinct Chair

Leslie Read - Precinct Chair

Corley Rinaldi - Precinct Chair

Bill Schereck - Precinct Chair

Peter Schroer - Precinct Chair

Angela Singletary - Precinct Chair

Kat Smith - Precinct Chair

Brad Underwood - Precinct Chair

Judson Vandiver - Precinct Chair

Israel Varela - Precinct Chair

Jason Vaughn - Precinct Chair (Denton County)

Dan Watson - Precinct Chair

Bonnie Wells - Precinct Chair

Joseph Wyly - Precinct Chair

If you would like to support the campaign, please endorse Richard or consider making a financial contribution. To get involved or learn more about the campaign, please visit the campaign website. You can also reach Richard directly at 214-562-3604 or email him at dcccd@richardmorgan.com.

Richard Morgan announces for DCCCD Board of Trustees, District 2!

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

After much prayer and consideration, I have decided to run for the Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) Board of Trustees. I'm running because I want to see the community college district provide the highest quality education available at the lowest cost possible and with the least burden to taxpayers.

As a former DCCCD student, I've seen first-hand how the community college system can provide Dallas County residents with the training they need to become productive members of the workforce. I took my first Computer Science class at Eastfield Community College, and since then I've had the privilege of working with some of the most innovative technology companies in the country as a software engineer.

As a homeowner and a taxpayer in District 2 these last five years, I've watched as the community college district has raised the property tax rate year after year, despite rising property values. In fact, since I was a student at Eastfield, DCCCD has raised property taxes on Dallas County properties by 137% in addition to raising tuition by 60%, making it harder for those who need it most to receive an education. The FY2016 budget of $560 million which was recently approved by the DCCCD Board of Trustees is now larger than the Dallas County budget approved by the Dallas County Commissioner's Court. Despite the ever-growing budget, the district has gone from debt-free in 2004 to taxing Dallas County property owners over $37 million a year for debt payments alone.

The incumbent for District 2 recently announced that he will not be seeking re-election, and I'm asking for your support to be your conservative voice on the DCCCD Board of Trustees. This is an unpaid, volunteer position, and the election will be held on the May 7th non-partisan ballot. District 2 includes Coppell, Carrollton, Farmers Branch, North Irving, Preston Hollow, Park Cities, Uptown, and Downtown. If you live in any of these areas, then you are eligible to vote in District 2, and I'm hoping to earn your vote. Even if you do not live in District 2, your pocketbook will still be affected by the outcome of this race, as the next Trustee will be one of seven votes to determine the DCCCD property tax rate countywide.

If you would like to see a conservative on the Board of Trustees, there are four things you can do to support my candidacy:

1) Endorse me for DCCCD Trustee. I am currently unopposed and running for an open seat, but there are special interests who would like to see property taxes continue to be raised each year, and they will be looking at my support to decide whether or not to run a challenger for this seat. By adding your name to my list of endorsements, you will help ensure that a conservative gets to be your voice on the board.

2) Introduce me to your friends and neighbors in the district. The biggest challenge in this race will be identifying and meeting all the likely voters in District 2. The district includes over 300,000 residents of Northwest Dallas County, but only 3-4% are likely to vote in this race. It is especially challenging to identify likely voters for this race as there has not been an election for this seat in 12 years, so there is no recent voting data for this position. By forwarding this email and introducing me to other concerned citizens in the district, you will help me identify potential voters and maximize my time sharing my vision for DCCCD.

3) Donate to the campaign. While I have a grassroots strategy to run a very efficient campaign, there are certain costs that are hard to avoid, and I have a campaign finance report due in early January showing how much my campaign raises from now through December 31st. Every $5 you donate will allow me to put out 2 additional yard signs. $25 will allow me to provide pizza and soft drinks to campaign volunteers for a phone bank or block walk. $100 will pay for a mailer to a large precinct of undecided voters in the final weeks of the election. No amount is too small, and every donation would be greatly appreciated.

4) Invite me to speak to your organization or host a meet and greet with your friends and neighbors at your home or office. I would love to share my vision for DCCCD in person and answer any questions you might have. To host a meet or greet or volunteer in another way, sign up here.

My personal cell phone number is 214-562-3604. I'm keeping all my campaign-related email at dcccd@richardmorgan.com for organizational reasons, but my personal email is richard@richardmorgan.com if you would prefer to email me there. Please feel free to call or email me anytime.

I look forward to earning your support in this effort to bring back financial accountability and affordable education.


Endorse Richard Volunteer Donate